What is an iClicker?

iClickers (or student response systems) is technology that allows students to anonymously, or within a software classroom grade book, respond to a question(s) that is posed. This technology allows for full class collaboration and assessment. It lets the instructor and the student know how well they understand the material or allows a students to voice their opinion and/ or perspective about a topic. Imagine sparking a discussion on how students really feel about their body image in a PE or English class by having students respond anonymously and then sharing the (anonymous) results.

Types of iClickers:

iClickers come in many forms so you will want to choose a model that is the right fit for you and your students. Most allow for multiple choice questions and answers where others allow for fully types response answers. Here are some of the models and options:

*Please place a work order to install any necessary software on applicable school computers.

A visual of what iClickers are (2:44 min)

How iClickers work (1:06 min.)

An example of how this technology is used in a post ed. program (41sec.)


Title and Link:
Summary of what resource offers:
iClickers Research Paper
This is a research paper that focuses on using Student Response Systems to Improve Learning research paper
Make any phone an iClicker!
This explains what a 'Poll Anywhere' is and how you can set it up.
SMART Response Software
This is a free dowload of the SMART Response software (do not use CD's that come with system as they are out of date).
Sharps Audio and Visual
Here is the contact information for Greg at Sharps Audio and Visual if you would like to order a SMART Response System or access current prices.
SMART Response User Guide
This will provide you with answers to most of your questions.
Sixteen Suggestions for Using iClickers

The different between Mimio Vote & Smart Response iClickers

SMART Response Set up Video
Great video that walks you through the set up of everything. I would take some notes so that you have a point form list to follow when you do it yourself.

MAC Users:

-make sure to download the MAC patches to avoid crashing
-there is no equation editor for Math equations for SMART Response

Trouble finding the right software? Click here.