What is World Book?

World Book is the ultimate online research tool for students. Basically, it offers an alternative to the broad Google searches that most students resort to when researching by providing vetted primary and secondary source collections (text, pictures, audio, and video) as well as an online research work space that allows to students to save and track their research, take notes, create citations (MLA & APA) and create visual timelines for their research.

How do I access World Book?

You should be able to access this resource automatically if trying from within a district school. As well, every school has been provided a username and password so teachers and students can access this resource from home. Please contact your librarian for your username and password.

How do I use World Book?

There are three World Books to choose from. Click below on the applicable version for your students for a tutorial video and overview (approx. 10 min).
World Book for Kids (grades K to 4)
World Book Student (grades 5 to 9 (Most high schools use this one for grades 9 to 12.)
World Book Advanced (grades 10 to 12 and college/university)


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World Book
SD 62 portal to World Book resources