What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL provides a framework for addressing diversity in our classrooms. This student-focused approach removes learning barriers by clarifying learning intentions and providing flexible instructional environments. Rather than individually adapting for each student’s needs, teachers plan for instruction and assessment that is accessible to a wide range of learners.

Essentially, UDL is an educational model or approach to designing instructional methods, materials, activities, and evaluation procedures in an effort to assist individuals with "wide differences in their abilities to see, hear, speak, move, read, write, understand English, attend, organize, engage, and remember" (Orkwis, 2003).

What is UDL? (recommended, 4:36 min. or 5:00min.)

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Title and Link:
Summary of what the resource offers:
An full explanation of what UDL is and why UDL is beneficial for teaching our students based on how the brain works.
National Center on UDL
Offers a full explanation of what UDL is with videos and examples of how to implement UDL. To note, this is an American website but it does offer a lot of valuable information.
Special Education Technology BC
This site provides a brief explanation, a video with Anita Strang and additional UDL resources.
Barbra Bray: Rethinking Learning
This amazing resource links UDL to Personalized learning. You will need to sign up for the information but it is well worth it.

Orkwis, R. (2003). Universal Designed instruction. Retrieved March 8, 2008 (http://www.cec.sped.org/)