What is Saving?

As a teacher and student we always want to make sure that we are saving our materials / assignments so that we can resume or access our work at a later date. At work there are a couple places that you can save your materials, to the computer you are working on (unsafe, may be deleted) or the H:Drive (your secure place within the network) and it is important for teacher sand students to know the differnces.

What is a Network?
In the Sooke School district we have a Network or a secure location where all of the computers and hardware are interconnected by communication channels that allow for the sharing of resources and information. In regards to saving, this network provides you and your students with their own folder (or drive) for saving your material so that it is always safe or saved.

Where can you save?
Here is a short video that will walk you through where to save your work within our network so that everything you create is secure and reliably there.