What is a SMART Board?

An interactive whiteboard. In other words, it is like a large touch screen computer (think iPad meets whiteboard).

How do I use a SMART Board?

A SMART Board has a wide range of capabilities, ranging from being used as a glorified whiteboard/projector to an interactive learning tool that meets a wide range of learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, etc.). To fully utilize the interactive capacity of the SMART Board, you need to learn and use the SMART Notebook 11 software.

Introduction to SMART Board (3:19 min)

What do I need to get started?

You will need: a SMART Board, a LCD projector, a computer and Notebook 11 software downloaded on your computer. While the software is free with SMART Board purchases, a SMART Board can be expensive, especially if you also need a projector and computer.

How to order a SMART Board?

Step 1: For product and pricing information, please contact Sharps Audio and Visual. We would also suggest having your administrators check with Graham Arts regarding an opportunity to join a bulk purchase.

Step 2: Should your school have the funds to purchase a SMART Board, please also factor in potential installation costs (depends on facilities' budget) and time frames. Your administrators will need to put in a work order for installation with facilities once the SMART Board is purchased.

How to install SMART Board Software (Notebook 11)?

On a school computer:
You may download the software yourself on your work computer through the software catalogue.
If you wish the software placed on a large number of computers (e.g. computer lab), please place a work order to install the Notebook 11 software on applicable school computers.

On a personal computer:
Download the Notebook Software on your personal computer and start playing and creating. You do not need to wait for the SMART Board to do this. Send Dawn or Devon an email requesting the license key and download the software at home.

How can my students access SMART Notebook software at home?

Option 1: SMART Notebook Express Web Application (students can open, edit and share Notebook content through the web)
Option 2: SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer (students can view and interact with Notebook content without a product key)
Option 3: Have students download the software at home. Keep in mind that not all families will want to do this. Contact Devon or Dawn for the product key (required for this).

If you are having a problem with your SMART Board, please contact SMART Support at 1.866.518.6791 or contact by email. If you are having a problem with downloading the SMART Notebook Software onto your school computer, please contact Kathy Qumsieh at (250) 474-9875

As well, you may check out Sasha's website as well.


Title and Link:
Summary of what resource offers:
Sasha Zelkulin's Website
Great resource!

This is a great beginner's introduction to SMART Board. I would start here.
You will need to have the Notebook software installed in order to view this document. As well, I find it opens better in Explorer instead of Firefox.

If you are comfortable with the basic functions of your SMART Board and want to make your activities and lessons more interactive, this if the place to start.
You will need to have the Notebook software installed in order to view this document. As well, I find it opens better in Explorer instead of Firefox.
Sasha's You Tube Videos
Sasha Zekulin is Sharp's Education Consultant. A former teacher and an amazing
workshop facilitator, Sasha is our resident expert on all things SMART.
SMART Classrooms Youtube Videos
General instructional videos on using SMART products.
SMART Training:
Learn at your own pace, join classes, etc.
A collection of Smart Board Lessons
SMART Exchange:
The main learning community where teachers can collaborate and share with other teachers using SMART products. There are many free lessons and templates already created using the Notebook software.
SHARPS SMART Education Resources
A site with upcoming professional development, you tube videos and webinars.
Introduction To Notebook 11 Software (pdf)
Introduction To Notebook 11 Software (interactive Notebook software)

SMART Interactive Tools: Presentation from SMART Pro D April 19th

A presentation that walks you through using your notebook software at the next level!!