What is Prezi?

Prezi is a cloud based presentations tool that allows you to zoom in and out of your media as you walk people through your presentation. You can use it for brainstorming or formal presentation settings. You can use text, images and videos on this canvas, which can be grouped together in frames.

What is Prezi: A Short (1:09 min)

How to Create a Prezi (recommended, 6:56 min.)

Screen Cast: Top 5 Reasons to Use Prezi (10 min)


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Summary of what resource offers:
Prezi Home Page
This is where you create an account and create your presentation.
Prezi Learn
This is part of Prezi's website but I want to make sure that everyone has access to the 'Learn" page. Here you can see videos that walk you through converting PowerPoint presentations into Prezi presentations, how to get started and then create amazing presentations and finally, how to share your presentations.
Prezi iPad App
This is where you can download the iPad app from.
Users Manual
This will answer most of your questions!