What is a podcast?

A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting that you can get off of the internet; it allows people to freely create and distribute news and media. An MP3 is a very popular type of audio file type for podcasts. As long as you have a computer, you can download an audio file and then listen to the file from your computer, iPod or any other portable music player that you drag and drop music files onto. Podasts are usually talk back radio style audio files rather than music.

*Making your audio file is the simple step; uploading your podcast to the internet requires additional steps (be aware of BC Privacy Laws)

What is a podcast (2:17 min.)

How do I create a podcast? (6:13 min.)

Recording, uploading, hosting and distributing podcasts require some level of technical proficiency and can take a bit of time. Here is a great video that walks you through everything you need and the basic steps of how you create and upload your podcast.


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"How to" video
This is a fast paced video on how to create a podcast using Audacity, which is a software that allows to you make videos and edit them. We do have a link for Audacity in our Wiki menu bar on the left side.
Resources Created by Dunsmuir Middle School (Pay It Forward)

3 main elements (re: above attachments)

1. A unit that follows the This I Believe format from NPR. There is an outline of the lesson plans in a Word document and necessary handouts that go with the unit posted separately as pdfs

2. A compiled list of Podcast ideas

3. Handout for a persuasive writing unit that will then be recorded as a podcast (writing rubric included)

4. A generic podcast rubric (created by Lenore Clarke)