What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning is not about the teacher personalizing learning for every single student, it is about enabling the students to become self aware learners so that they can personalize their own learning. Basically, the teacher teaches students how to be self aware learners who know their interests, preferred learning styles and what tools work best for them (i.e. pencils, laptop, videos, collaboration, etc).

Barbra Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, leading experts in personalized learning, state that personalized learning occurs in an environment where content, method and pace vary, focusing on the learner not instruction. Although personalization is not differentiation or individualization it encompasses the two.

What Personalized Learning Could Look Like (recommended, 3:42 min.)


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Personalized Learning Example Video
This is an amazing example of how a school has defined personalized learning and deveoped a program with it. It is a great example but dont be overwhelmed, it is very developed! It is useful for understanding what PL could look like. It is long (10 min.) so watch as much as you like.
Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey Resources
Barbra Bray is a educational consultant who has worked for years at developing personalized learning. Her site is great and if you sign up for her resources you will have a greater understanding of how differentiation, personalization and individualization all fit together.
BC Education: Personalized Learning
This is the BC governments site where you can learn about what personalized learning is and read over the plan that has been developed based on a collaborative discussion board.
Personalized Learning in Alberta
This resource is a link to what is happening in Alberta in regards to personalized learning. There are examples and definitions. There are also links to other great modern educational ideas.

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