What is Mimio Teach?

Mimio Teach a portable interactive whiteboard (like SMART Boards) that uses your classroom whiteboard. (It does not need to be installed.) Mimio also has for tablets, iClickers, document cameras and screen capture.

What do I need to get started?

You will need: a Mimio Teach device (comes with stylus), a LCD projector, a computer and Mimio Studio software downloaded on your computer. A Mimio Teach is $899 (+ $25 shipping and 12% tax) (price as of August 2012). The Mimio Teach needs to either be plugged in or it will use 3 AAA batteries.

How do I order and install a Mimio Teach?

Step 1: To order a Mimio Teach or for more information, contact Mark Gillespie (sales consultant for Wintergreen, BC vendor for Mimio products) at 1-800-268-1268 ex. 500 or mark@wintergreen.ca. You may also request a 30 day trial of a new Mimio Teach before you decide to purchase.

Step 2: Mimio Teach does not require installation. Simply follow the instructions and set it up on your whiteboard in your class.

Step 3: Please place a work order to install the software on applicable school computers.

Step 4: (Optional) Download the Mimio Studio Software on your personal computer and start playing and creating. You do not need to wait for your Mimio Teach to do this. (Software available for Macs as well.) It is recommended that you save the software to your desktop and then run the software from there in order to install.

*If you have created interactive lessons using SMART software, you can transfer them to Mimio Studio Notebook (click here).
*WARRANTY: Mimio product warranty is 2 years out of the box + if registered online the end-user will receive an additional 5 years.

Introduction to Mimio Teach (1:04 min)

Additional Mimio Products:

Mimio Capture: (Pens, erasers and bottom tool bar which captures anything you write on your whiteboard. You do not need an LCD projector for this to work, just your computer.) $379
Mimio Vote: (24 iClickers) $1499 (iClickers can be used without Mimio Teach)
Mimio Vote: (32 iClickers) $1799
Mimio View: (document Camera) $679
Mimio Pad: (wireless tablet) $359
*All Mimio products can be used independently of the Mimio Teach.


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