What is Microsoft Word 2010?

Microsoft Word 2010 is software that allows you to create documents ranging from basic text documents (letters, essays, etc.) to more elaborate documents (agendas, brochures, newsletters, etc.). It is part of a package of software called Microsoft Office.

How do I use Microsoft Word 2010?

Due to a district agreement with Microsoft, all new computers in the district will have Microsoft Word 2010 installed on them. As well, a special deal for Microsoft Office 2010 for SD62 employee home use is available. Warning: After you purchase the Microsoft District Purchase option for your home computer, please be aware that you only have 90 days of free Microsoft tech support from date of purchase.

Quick Overview of Microsoft Word 2010 (3:08 min)


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Summary of what resource offers:
Microsoft Word 2010 Basics
Fantastic and easy to navigate online user's guide.
Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010
Very thorough 5 part video series (each approx. 8 min) that walks you through Microsoft Word. It assumes no prior knowledge and is visual so you can mimic what the narrator is doing easily.
Quick and clear reference of all Word shortcut keys.