What is LAN School?

LanSchool is software that teachers can use to monitor, control and interact with student computers from their own computer.

How do I access LanSchool?

The school district's IT department has purchased a district license for LanSchool. If you wish to use LanSchool with your students, please place a work order to install the software on applicable school computers.

How do I use LanSchool?

You use LanSchool to:
  • Limit distractions by blanking screens, limiting applications and limiting web browsing on student computers.
  • Monitor students by viewing all student screens and what they are doing. You can send students messages to re-focus them or offer suggestions.
  • Assess student understanding by polling students during a lesson using the true/false and multiple choice poll option.
  • Support students by responding to the silent “Request Help” students can send. (taken from

Introduction to LanSchool (3 min video) recommended


Title and Link:
Summary of what resource offers:
App for iPad and iPhone
A teacher can use LanSchool on their iPad or iPhone. The app is free although student computers must have the LanSchool software on them. LanSchool App for iPad
Simple and clear tutorials on how to use all the features of LanSchool (includes videos, visuals and text).
More in-depth and comprehensive tutorials on using LanSchool (videos).
User's Guide
Very comprehensive text based user's guide (pdf).
Frequently Asked Questions regarding both using and installing LanSchool.