What is Kurzweil?

Kurzweil 3000 is a reading, writing learning software used traditionally for struggling students. However, with increasing awareness of diverse learning styles and acceptance of "assistive" technology for all people such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, iAnnotate, Inspiration and so on, Kurzweil is useful as a whole class tool.

How do I use Kurzweil?

Currently SD #62 has a district license for Kurzweil 13 that is available to anyone. However, you will first need to place a work order to install the appropriate software on applicable school computers. To check the software out on your personal computer first, please download Version 13 through the district software catalogue. You will also want extra headphones for students to use (although many will have their own).
*Please note the additional SET BC wiki resource located within our resources table below.

What are the uses of Kurzweil as a whole class tool?

The software provides:
  • Text to Speech (any electronic document can be read to a student)
  • Reading Tools (definitions, synonyms, pronunciation for any word in the document)
  • Annotating Tools (voice notes, highlighting, circling, sticky notes and note columns)
  • Writing Tools (text prediction similar what cell phones do and read back to students)
  • Writing Process Support (brainstorming, outline and draft templates)

Screen shot of a short story opened using Kurzweil.

Quick Demo of Kurzweil (2 min)


Title and Link:
Summary of what resource offers:
Kurzweil "How To Videos"
Available within the Kurzweil software on your computer. Open the software, click on "Help" on the right hand side of the top toolbar.
Introduction to Kurzweil (PDF)
A 2 page pdf that outlines the capacity of Kurzweil through a Universal Design of Learning (whole class application) lens. Clear and concise.
Introduction to Kurzweil (video)
A 6:21 min video thoroughly introducing Kurzweil 3000. A little dry but visual and very, very thorough.
Kurzweil Web License Edition(4:22 min video)
This makes Kurzweil available to students at home and allows them to customize their workspace. Please stay tuned to see if and when this might be available in our district.
Kurzweil App for iPad
Allows you to access your materials (need to create a firefly account) and has the Text to Speech feature. No annotating abilities though.
Smart Board & Kurzweil (4:15 min video)
A great example of a teacher using Kurzweil and a SMART board through a Universal Design of Learning (whole class application) lens.
SET BC has developed tutorials with additional resources so that classroom and LS teachers can fully integrate the software flawlessly.