What is Know BC?

KnowBC is the definitive reference resource on BC. With more than 10,000 entries and thousands of photos, maps, tables, charts, videos and audio clips, KnowBC is the most comprehensive source for BC information ever compiled. For teachers, the site includes quizzes, fact pages, French language articles, resources for students and curriculum-based resources such as lesson plans and handouts.

How do I access Know BC?

There are two different ways that teachers and students use to access the site.

1, Via automatic login: when users access the site on a school computer, they should be automatically logged in (no password required). Click here to see if you can access Know BC this way.

2. Each school has a username and password which is what most people use to access the site from home or from anywhere off the school network. Contact Devon or Dawn for your school's user name and password.

Screen shot of Know BC home page.


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