What is Kidspiration?

Kidispiration is software that you can buy and download onto a computer. It is a visual and interactive workplace for students K to 5 to develop literacy and numeracy skills. Overall, it's easy to learn and easy to use.

*For grades 9 to 12, check out Inspiration by the same company.

How do I access Kidspiration?

To use this software with your students, you will need to first check with your administrators regarding purchasing a license for your class or school. Then you will need to submit a work order to the IT help desk to have the software installed on the school computers students will be using. To download the free trial version on your personal computer so you can try it out, click here.

A Short Video Introduction (1:38 min) (recommended)


Title and Link:
Summary of what the resource offers:
User Guide (pdf)
Very detailed and comprehensive. Browse for what you want.
Lesson Examples
Quick and visual.
Video Tutorials
Short and clear. (recommended)