What is Keepvid?

Keepvid is a website that allows you to download videos off of the web. The website is legal. However, you need to make sure you are using it for legal activities.

Why would I want to download a video off the web?

As teachers, we often use videos as education tools in the classroom. However, if we are using unreliable internet, a whole lesson can be thwarted. To avoid this, download the video ahead of time and save it on your computer, thereby guaranteeing access later.

How do I use Keepvid?

You simply go to their website, enter the url address of your desired video in the open slot (at the top of the website), choose the highest video quality available (choose an .FLV option) and save where desired on your computer.

Warning: Keepvid is free. However, it has many advertisements on its webpage. Disregard any suggestions you have to buy something.


Downloading YouTube Videos with Keepvid (4:52 min)

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