What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying involves using technologies to intimidate or harass someone or others. Examples of these technologies are internet, text messages, instant messages, social network sites, emails, or websites. Cyber bullying differs from regular bullying because it can follow you wherever you go. Cyber bullying is generally harsher as the bully can not see the victims reactions. As well, cyber bullying could be anonymous and reach a bigger audience. Overall, it can have bigger implications on a persons life.

What is Cyber Bullying? (7 min.)

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RCMP Resources
This is a great resource that the RCMP have put together. There is a wide range of information but it is very useful.
This is a good resource that can explain what cyber bullying is, what it looks like, why it happens, and what you could do to prevent it from happening.
CBC Media
This is an article that discusses a case where a young boys was cyber bullied.
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