What is a Blog?

A blog is a discussion or information site that is published on the world wide web. Once you create an account you can enter information and it will be posted with the most recent information at the top. Within many platforms (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) you can add photos, links, videos and presentations. It other words, it is a place where you can write and post stuff on an ongoing basis and have followers. For teachers, blogs are useful to communicate with students, parents and/ or staff members.
Warning: Review Privacy Laws. The district Wordpress option is recommended.

How do I start a Blog?

School District 62 has a Blog spot that allows teachers to set up a Wordpress blog (housed on the district server). There are also many other options for blog platforms if you would like to set up a personal account (review BC Privacy Laws). To check out examples of education blogs click here.

What is a Blog in Plain English (2:59 min. video)

How to Set-Up a Personal Blog (Recommended) 6:32 min.

This video show how to set up a Blogger account. Most Blogs follow similar steps.


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Summary of what resource offers:
To set up a district hosted Wordpress blog, click here. A SD62 Wordpress blog is preferable as it is housed within the district server. See privacy laws.
You can create an account and start your own Blog here. It is just another platform for creating a blog.
You can create a Weebly Blog account here. It is very simple and fun.
Blogging Tips
You can go here and read over information on how to create a blog, the basics of blogging, how to do video posts and much more.