Blackboard_Logo_235x227.gifWhat is Blackboard 9.1?

Blackboard Learn is a virtual Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used for Distributed Learning (online courses) or blended learning (mixed to face and distance learning). In other words, Blackboard is an online classroom. The other LMS available in the district is Moodle.

How do I get Blackboard?

Currently Blackboard is used for SD62's Distributed Learning (DL) courses through Westshore Centre for Learning and Training. Westshore Centre and Belmont have embarked on a pilot project using Blackboard for blended learning with a limited number of Belmont teachers (2011-2013). If you are interested in Blackboard please contact Daphne Churchill, Principal of Westshore Centre. As Blackboard is a commercial source, there is a cost associated with each student registered in each Blackboard course.

How do I use Blackboard?

Dal Little provides technical support for teachers using Blackboard. If you have a username and account, click here to login.

Screen shot from a Blackboard English 12 DL course.


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Summary of what resource offers:
Types of LMS
A full list of open source and commercial Learning Management Platforms.
Blackboard Support
Tutorials on using Blackboard.
Blackboard Mobile App
There is a free app for both iPhones and iPads. The interface is actually more attractive than the web version, especially for the Discussion Tool. When you are asked to enter your school when signing into the downloaded app, please select Open School BC.