What is bandwidth?

"Think of your Internet connection as a pipe, but instead of water, it’s carrying digital data. [If] your pipe is too narrow . . . the data it carries [will] not com[e] through fast enough." Rick Maybury

Bandwidth is usually measured in BPS (BITS per sec), MBPS (Megabits per sec) and KBPS (kilobits per sec).

What can slow down my school's bandwidth?

1. Small or faulty bandwidth. In other words, you have a small pipe or something is clogging it up.
2. Users uploading and downloading data. Too much 'data' is trying to squeeze through one pipe, thereby slowing everything down.
3. Multiple, unauthorized users.

What can I do to make my bandwidth as fast as possible?

1. Make sure students are not streaming music while they work or downloading items such as apps or You Tube videos.
2. Download videos that you plan to show in class ahead of time. Click here for details on how to do this.
3. If students are using their own personal devices to connect to the school's wireless, make sure they are using the sd62 login wireless (have them use their BCESIS number as their username and password.
Warning: The first time they do this they will have to go through a brief survey outlining the district policies.

What is bandwidth? (2:51 min)


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Bandwidth Speed Tests
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